We are excited to be working in collaboration with friends and organizations throughout Brooklyn on activities around the Jewish calendar, food events, and cultural programs highlighting the creativity and diversity of Jewish life in our neighborhoods.

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Brooklyn Jewish Resources

The Brooklyn Jewish ecosystem is full of exciting events, people, projects and places. We hope to help folks find the right fit for what they are looking for - and engage with Jewish life in diverse and meaningful ways.

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Looking for a Sukkah to Eat in with your Family?

One of the most fun, family-friendly, holidays in the Jewish calendar is just around the corner—Sukkot! You can help your family get ready for Sukkot by reading a story, making a harvest treat to share, and by building and decorating a sukkah. Short on space? Don’t worry — we've included activities for big back yards, courtyards, and apartment living as well.

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What’s The Neighborhood?

The Neighborhood: An Urban Center for Jewish Life, is a new model of community center designed to match the needs and spirit of the Jewish communities in Central and Northern Brooklyn. The Neighborhood will be an inclusive and welcoming community hub with a physical Brooklyn location. We will be a gathering place for local Jewish groups and organizations that don't have their own space, for new programming, and for cross-community collaboration.

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Asylum Arts

We are the home of Asylum Arts, a global network of over 700 artists from the Americas, Israel, Europe, Australia and Africa that supports contemporary Jewish culture on an international scale, bringing greater exposure to artists and cultural initiatives and providing opportunities for new projects and collaborations. We empower artists and cultural organizations to create experiences to broaden the impact of Jewish culture.

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