c.a.t.a.m.o.n Dance Group: Gaga Class

March 30, 2023 5:30 pm
c.a.t.a.m.o.n Dance Group: Gaga Class
CPR – Center for Performance Research, 361 Manhattan Avenue
  • Arts and Culture
  • Wellness and Spirituality

Before their performance of Somewhere, join the dancers of c.a.t.a.m.on Dance Group for a Gaga class, a movement language developed by Ohad Naharin of Batsheva Dance Company. GAGA offers a framework for users to connect to their bodies and imaginations and enjoy the pleasure of movement in a welcoming, accepting atmosphere. Participants are guided by a series of evocative instructions designed to increase awareness and amplify sensation through movement. The class is open to everyone regardless of prior experience or physical ability. Please wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to dance barefoot or in socks.

Somewhere is presented at CPR – Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn and is supported by the @CPR Performance Series as part of CPR – Center for Performance Research’s Subsidized Space Rental Program.