Wandering Sukkah – The Kabbalah of Ice Cream

October 11, 2022 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Wandering Sukkah - The Kabbalah of Ice Cream
Kane Street Synagogue, 236 Kane Street
  • Arts and Culture
  • Jewish Learning
  • Food

On Sukkot we gather to celebrate the year’s harvest. We eat together and savor what we have grown and how it has nourished us. Come join us as we share and celebrate the harvest with a non-traditional twist – sample ice cream flavors inspired by the holiday and learn how a frozen confection connects us to a centuries-old tradition of Jewish mysticism.

Wandering Sukkah is a mobile ritual that evolves in form, function, and color over the weeklong holiday of Sukkot. As the sukkah travels by bicycle caravan around Brooklyn it will evolve and change, as natural materials are woven into its mesh roof, fabric walls are dyed with natural pigments, and it expands to fit an ice cream social, a Shabbat dinner, and an evening of storytelling and song. Designed by Max Goldner and Ethan Blake (lowercase jews), Wandering Sukkah is a simple structure that transforms into a record of community and placemaking.

Wandering Sukkah is presented by The Neighborhood in collaboration with lowercase jews, Kane Street Synagogue, Romemu Brooklyn, and Nolita Minyan.