Yoshie Fruchter & Sandcatchers Album Release

January 28, 2024 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Yoshie Fruchter & Sandcatchers Album Release
Jalopy Theatre, 315 Columbia Street
  • Arts and Culture

Join Sandcatchers with special guest vocalist Deborah Sacks-Mintz to celebrate the release of their second album “The Lines” at Jalopy Theatre.

Led by Jewish oud player and composer Yoshie Fruchter, the Brooklyn-based Sandcatchers’ sophomore effort shatters conventions of songwriting and performance. Using their signature blend of Middle Eastern sounds and Americana, the songs are at once deep and lighthearted, sometimes approaching intense subject matter but doing so with an air of whimsy. With the world getting smaller by the day, sonic textures and traditions are blended like never before. Sandcatchers is the rare case where this mix carves out a truly unique space in a crowded musical landscape – a band that you can enjoy with your ears and experience with your soul.