Greenpoint Shul

108 Noble St.

Greenpoint Shul is a welcoming, traditional congregation in waterfront Brooklyn


What services do you offer?
Event Space Rental, B'nai Mitzvah, One on one Learning Opportunities, Shabbat Services, Holiday Services, Young Family Opportunities, Group Learning, Counseling, Weddings.

What is your organization's mission?
Greenpoint Shul is a warm, welcoming traditional (modern Orthodox) synagogue community with a diverse and eclectic membership. Housed in Brooklyn's oldest synagogue building -- a jewel of Jewish history -- join us for deep Torah Study, beautiful Shabbat and holiday celebrations, and a growing community of North Brooklyn Jews.

What activities do you offer?
We meet every Friday night and Shabbat day for davening (services) followed by a communal Kiddush meal; we meet for all holidays; we host weekly Torah classes; we house an after school Hebrew school program; we work with families in preparing Bnei Mitzvah for their big day; we can create your beautiful wedding, babynaming, or bris, inside our space and in NYC. The rabbi is available for meeting about immersing into Jewish life in Greenpoint, for guidance on conversion, for assisting in lifecycle and loss needs.

How would you describe your community?
Founded in the 1800's by German-Jewish immigrants, today Greenpoint Shul is a mix of neighborhood regulars, newcomers, families, young professionals, kids, and elders -- with a rainbow of Jewish backgrounds ranging from "trying this out" to Satmar hasid.

What is the accessibility of your site?
Stairs are required to enter our building. A set up outdoor stairs up into our sanctuary, or a set of outdoor stairs down into our social hall level entrance. Indoors, there is a full staircase between the sanctuary and social hall. We have a beautiful outdoor space, that requires one step down and a few steps up in order to enter.

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