Habrooklynia is an authentic Israeli community, centered in Brooklyn

What services do you offer?
One on one Learning Opportunities, Young Family Opportunities, Group Learning.

What is your organization's mission?
The Brooklynia is an authentic Israeli community, centered in Brooklyn and drawing members from everywhere. We’re creating a space for friendship and solidarity, where Israelis, friends and spouses, can meet in a relaxed atmosphere; where Hebrew is spoken and taught; where members can celebrate holidays and life events in familiar settings.

What activities do you offer?
Since 2019 we’ve been meeting regularly at the ‘Kumzitz’ a family gathering at Prospect Park, which takes place every Sunday, regardless of weather. In combination with Ofek, a children program courtesy of the Windsor Terrace JCC, we roast potatoes, hotdogs and marshmallows, let the kids run free, and just hang around. We collaborate with organizations such as the JCC, IAC, Shlichim, Habonim Dror and others on activities such as Moadon Ivrit, for 4 to 8 years old, Moadon Teatron, for older kids and Ofek youth group. We meet on zoom for study sessions several times a week, including for Minyan Shabbat, a weekly Torah session on zoom, which brings together Israelis from the USA and Israel for a cross-Atlantic reading and study.