Honeymoon Israel

We bring young couples into the folds of Jewish life

What services do you offer?
Couples Classes, Group Learning, Travel Opportunities.

What is your organization's mission?
Honeymoon Israel’s mission is to provide immersive trips to Israel for locally based cohorts of couples that have at least one Jewish partner, early in their committed relationship, creating communities of couples who are building families with deep and meaningful connections to Jewish life and the Jewish people​. Our goal is to make young couples of all backgrounds feel welcome in the Jewish community and to inspire them to incorporate Jewish values and traditions into their lives in their own way.

What activities do you offer?
HMI creates opportunities for connection with yourself, your partner, your community, and Israel. We’ll open the door to an exploration of what Judaism means to you. Throughout the trip, you’ll engage in what we call “HMI Conversations” that are designed to bring you closer to your partner and build bonds with your fellow participants. In addition to enjoying Israel’s traditional tourist destinations, delicious food and wine, and vibrant art and nightlife, you’ll meet Israelis from a wide range of religious and cultural backgrounds (religious and secular Jews, Arabs, Druze, and others) to gain a full picture of Israeli society. You’ll also visit historic sites and learn about their ties to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and beyond.

How would you describe your community?
HMI is so much more than a trip to Israel. Couples tend to participate in this experience for all the same reasons: to find friends, build community, and connect with Judaism in a new way. HMI provides opportunities for organized local programming, financial grants to help participants create and bring their own programming to life, and ongoing support to help sustain connections to Jewish life. Our team and local partners understand the unique needs of each city and work directly with participants to co-create Jewish experiences that fit their needs.