Shir HaMaalot

17 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Non-denominational, independent community creating authentic and meaningful Jewish experiences

What services do you offer?
Shabbat Services, Group Learning.

What is your organization's mission?
Shir HaMaalot is a non-denominational independent community (havurah) whose mission is to build an egalitarian, inclusive, and sustainable community in which all members participate in creating authentic and meaningful Jewish experiences. Good food, soulful singing, and an active community have made Shir HaMaalot happen since 2011, informed greatly by the work of similar groups through the National Havurah Committee.

What activities do you offer?
Shir HaMaalot typically meets on the second Friday night of the month for prayer services with full Hebrew liturgy followed by a vegetarian potluck dinner and a tisch (literally "table", a celebratory gathering with singing). Shir HaMaalot's services are entirely led by volunteers. The night begins with Kabbalat Shabbat (literally, “welcoming the Sabbath,” the first half of Friday night services), followed by a community member delivering a Dvar Torah (interpretation of the week’s Torah portion). Following the dvar is a prayer for healing and the Shabbat Ma'ariv service (evening prayers). If you are interested in leading services or giving a dvar, please see community. Following services is kiddush (sanctification of the day over wine), ritual handwashing, motzi (blessing over the bread), and the potluck dinner. Our potluck has three options: vegetarian, vegan, and vegetarian with hekhsher-only ingredients made in a hekhsher-ingredient-only home. For more information, see food & kashrut. The evening ends with a tisch, where folks gather in the smaller room around a table for communal singing, sharing words of Torah, dancing, snacking and drinking.

How would you describe your community?
Non-denominational, volunteer-driven.