What do people call you?

How do you define your practice?
Dinners, pop-ups, and immersive experiences that all use food as a vehicle to share Jewish culture and rituals for Jews & non-Jews alike.

What services do you offer?

How is Judaism valuable in your life and what led you to this work?
I'm a self-described “professional yenta” who's spent the past decade producing food & travel documentary television. I've produced everyday stories about marginalized group in the nonfiction category for shows on PBS, VICE, Vox, AMC, NatGeo, Food Network, CNN and more. Now I'm turning inward to tell a more personal story... Born and raised in New York’s Modern Orthodox community with a gay dad and progressive single mother, I struggled to find a place in the conservative Jewish world around me. Instead of yeshivah or in shul, I found connectivity through the city’s Jewish touchstones — warm pastrami, smoky sturgeons, puckery pickles. But also, comedy shows, babushkas in Brighton Beach, holidays and family gatherings (with yes, loads of food). With Shtick, I hope to continue sharing and celebrating the story of Jewish New York — for insiders and outcasts alike.