192 E 5th St., Apt 2B, Brooklyn, NY

Fostering community: Hebrew Culture, Jewish Renewal, and Connection to Israel

Prospect Park South

What services do you offer?
B'nai Mitzvah, One on one Learning Opportunities, Young Family Opportunities, Group Learning, Weddings.

What is your organization's mission?
Tarbut-U.S. sees the preservation and development of our Hebrew Culture as a vital need for our community. Our goal is to build strong communities based on Hebrew Culture, Jewish Renewal, and Connection to Israel.

What activities do you offer?
As part of the project, its participants will acquire knowledge and practical tools so that they can: - Lead activities that will infuse content with value and cultural significance at the holiday events in a secular, up-to-date and innovative way - To lead study sessions for adults - "Judaism in the living room", secular study halls, "memory in the living room", etc. - To hold life cycle ceremonies - birth ceremonies, bar and bat mitzvahs, marriage ceremonies and mourning ceremonies. Along with the group meetings, the following complementary components will take place as part of the project: A. Facilitating study sessions by project participants in community or cross-community groups B. Creating a database of content in the service of the communities - collecting writings, songs, activity sets and masks for events and ceremonies third. Development of original content adapted to the communities of Israelis in the Diaspora